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Rainbow Springs Florida
Citrus Springs Florida is a beautiful wooded community about 5 miles south of Dunnellon and the Withlacoochee River on U.S HWY 41 in Citrus County. Citrus Springs was developed by the Mackle family to be used as a subdivision with over 34,000 homesties. Citrus Springs is close to neighboring cities of Dunnellon, Rainbow Springs, Beverly Hills, and Crystal River. Citrus Springs boasts a 46-mile bike riding and hiking trail known as the Withlacoochee State Trail. The trail was converted from the old railroad lines built in the early 1900s. Phosphate mining played a big part in the history of Citrus Springs and Citrus County. When WWII ended phosphate mining was largely moved overseas. Abandoned mines stretch along the Withlacoochee River basin and many can be found in Citrus Springs. Some of those mines can be seen at the Citrus Springs El Diablo golf course. Most of the mines were owned by the Dunnellon Phosphate company. The other golf course is the Citrus Springs Golf & Country Club. Citrus Springs is a short drive to the Withlacoochee River, Rainbow River and Lake Rousseau. Citrus Springs Real Estate for Sale Tree Service Removal Trimming Feeding
Citrus Springs Florida, Citrus Springs Fl, Citrus Springs, Citrus County Florida
Citrus Springs
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